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My name is Amy

Below you will find a couple of words about me

A bit about me? I’m slightly impulsive.  Saver. Type A.  Entreprenuer.  I didn’t talk much until the 7th grade then after that it was a lot of swearing. My life quote: “I do what I want.” {Clearly this was long before Jesus and kids} I danced the swing-scene outside of high school, taught ballroom for a few years then worked in a leathershop where I learned the art of a true burrito. I dream to be fluent in spanish. I’ve been through nursing and massage school. Lived in Mexico, Honduras and out of my car.  I’m a mom now. Level 10.    

I teach classes on natural health. I love hearing stories of others who have managed their health with plant based medicine. Much of my time is spent mentoring and coaching others in business. Or watching PawPatrol.  I play music sometimes. And hang around parking lots. Coffee gives me the shakes. I have learned much about pain and freedom in forgiveness. Superficiality drives me freakin’ nuts, like Coo-coo for cocoa puffs. But I’m learning there’s a time and place for everything…

I  told my mom years ago that I’d love my career to be making friends. She said (for financial security) I should marry a doctor.  Well, bump that, I married a pastor instead. And no where in my bloodline or  aspirations ever, was I thinking I’d be a pastor’s wife. Ever. Come to find out, it’s not always the easiest but His grace is truly sufficient. He chisels at me daily and as much of me He’s taken away, I feel like I’m more who I was created to be. Through everything in life I’ve experienced I can say, “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” It’s Jesus. Nothing else can satisfy.

Professional skills

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