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“Show Me the Money!”

“The rich rule over the poor,
    and the borrower is slave to the lender.” Proverbs 22:7


I drank the DaveRamsey Kool-Aid. 


Lemme explain…


I’ve always been a saver. Growing up,I was the third of six children and although both my parents worked hard, I knew there wasn’t much room extra frivolities; hand me down clothes were the norm. Each of us had serious chores {laying sod in the heat of  the summer of my 6th grade year wasn’t exactly what I call fun, haha} and if we got ever paid it was a lucky day. 

Love Thy Neighbor

Our neighbors are Muslims…

and we love them.

No, seriously…


They moved into our neighborhood about 2 years ago when Jet was born. And Jethro was the type of baby that tortured us with sleepless nights and colick so we could hardly leave our house, much less walk across the street to meet them.  He held us hostage for almost a year. But I digress…