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It’s no secret I just had a baby. Boom,  dropped 15pounds just like that. (Praise!)

 Jonathan had made a playlist for labor and between contractions I asked him what song this was…It’s nice to be married to a music guy. And in the quiet hours after such a monumental moment such as birthing a tiny toddler,  a song is needed to capture the stillness after and put it into words. 


**Side note, when I first fell in love with Jesus, Marty Samson’s song Deeper  was on repeat. Am i the only one that can listen to a song on repeat forever??? Thanks, Marty, for another gem.


It’s hard to shut “it” all off sometimes. With all then nonstop movement in life, would you take some time and quiet that busy heart of yours and soak up this truth? I’m so grateful that with songs like this time can stand still. Enjoy it, like you are savoring up a season that so swiftly passes. 




Here it is with Marty Samson- a song called Elohim

I stand upon the solid
Rock of faith in Christ
This steadfast hope shall not
Break apart within the trial
I am assured His promises will never fail
As long as life remains He is faithful
God is patient
God is kind
He does not envy
He does not boast
His ways are higher than my own, His thoughts consume the great unknown
Of this alone I am sure
My God is love
I draw my breath under His created windswept sky
I know my hope shall last
Long after my flesh retires
From dusk until the dawn He calls His children home
His righteous love outlasts generations
He is Almighty God Elohim
Maker of the earth, He is the Lord of hosts, Heaven’s King
God of endless worth, His kingdom stands above Every power
Every living soul, His love is like the sun
Ever true, shining over all

In His Grip,

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