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HOLA, Baby!

I would’ve never believed you if you told me I’d be a mom to 4 littles. 

What great responsibility for someone who really struggled with owning anything most of my life. 

Let’s get down to it..

When I had an emergency ultrasound around 13 weeks, the tech may have accidentally and very casually told us, “it was a boy.” We were shocked. (We like to have surprise reveals but that was not how we envisioned it!)   


Right away, I knew his name. 


We didn’t tell our kids that I was pregnant til I was into the 2nd trimester. Up until then, “Mommy was very weak,” and that was all they knew. They told their teachers and friends but didn’t know why I had been bedridden since December only getting up to puke my brains out…Not fun. And as far as being a mom, those duties fell on dad now. Sorry, JSchro. 


It was after March when I finally got out of bed.  Joram was excited, Jethro could care less about a baby… And Azel is way too young to even understand. Happy 1st birthday, lady. 



I wrestled with the meaning of the name. “Dove” and in some translations, “Peace”. I don’t know if naming a boy ‘dove’ is fitting, especially with how s-t-r-o-n-g he’s been in the womb. But I’ll stay open.


I started studying more on the Biblical character of this guy named Dove. He doesn’t have the best reputation but yet God still used him mightily. This guy was as authenticly human as it comes. And although flawed, the flawless Jesus unapologetically pointed out a part of his story that was divinely ordained and related it to Himself. 


Here’s the part we don’t like though…


He was a rebel. 

He got discouraged.

He had a crummy attitude.


(Uh, sometimes that sounds like me….) 



Something so fascinating is that God’s heart and His message can still come  through someone rebellious. It turns out that His grace goes that far…Have you experienced it?


I’ve been asking our kids every few weeks what we should name the baby.  Joram always suggested, “AJ” from Blaze-(bro, we already got two AJ’s in the house!) or Chase, his favorite paw patrol. Jethro really digs the name “Crusher”. 


I was just about a month or so away from giving birth (or so I thought!), we were out swimming when I asked Joram again what he wanted his brother’s name to be. He said, “Chase!” as usual and then a minute later he came up from under the water: 


“I like the name Jonah…. His name should be Jonah.” 


I was floored. Never did I mention the name or even read him the Bible story about it this entire pregnancy. Sometimes the Lord just confirms things in the most unusual ways. 


This old testament prophet’s book is about SALVATION  grace given by faith.

It’s about God’s SOVEREIGNTY– The Lord being over big events (the great storm), down to  the smallest detail (the worm)…There were 4 game changing “and God appointed… in the story. 

And the GREAT COMPASSION of God– His love and mercy reaches out and seeks to bring to repentance even those who are not His people. Oh, the mind and heart of God!


Jonah had an audience – the evil nation of Assyria (they were pretty ruthless back then!) but yet his book truly was aimed at God’s people, the Israelites. How his story is told is  to reveal their narrow understanding of God and challenge their (and our) worldview. Well, just slap yo’ mama while you at it..


What can we learn from such a guy? 


Obedience comes often at the cost of your own comfort. Sometimes as Christians, we can be more concerned about our own status than reaching out to a lost neighbor who is without direction and real HOPE. 


One of my favorite verses that took hold of me  years ago, long before any baby of ours was ever in a photo album was Jonah 2:8: 


“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” 


And that was me… And maybe even you. I thank God that He still reaches out today. Every new day seems so new. I surely hope it is for you too. 


We had a Luau baby shower to celebrate this guy just a few weeks before I was due. An “ALOHA, BABY” was the simple decor in front of the backdrop of grass skirts with a handful of paper cocktail umbrellas. 



Joram, learning to read and going to spanish school saw the sign and said, “HOLA, BABY!” Soooo, we’ll go with it!


So now that he’s finally here, would everyone wish a hearty “Hola, Baby” to our newest treasure, the mighty Mr. Jonah Paul. He is a full 10 pounds, 4 oz of  blessing, a highly favored and a very s-t-r-o-n-g new addition to our family. He is loved in every way and we pray God will use his life to reveal His character to those seeking Him!

  • He finally came!


In His Grip,

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