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On Christian Feminism.

I had published this a few days (ahem, months now) ago  under the title of “A Worthy Woman”, and after Oprah, I’m changing it up: On Christian Feminism. Here we go. 

As much as Oprah’s speech at the Globals was inspiring, there’s something to be said about the cultural shift that’s happening.  “Women live in a man’s world” is often what is said and in some ways that’s true. Believe me, working at a few dance studios had me experience first hand sexual harassment, inequality and more. I’ve even seen hints of inequality in the church. But things have changed much..or maybe I have.


To the core of me, I am a feminist. No, I don’t burn my bras that I already put cash down for  nor do I march at the Capital…. I got diapers to turn, people. It started many many years ago. Being surrounded by passive men or those that abused their control using tactics of anger or fear had me questioning a man’s role. I saw no middle ground. 


I can do this myself. I don’t need you. Oh and this just in:  I do what I want. 


I never wanted to get married.


A big, fat ‘No Thank You’ for children.


Watching shows like The Bachelor (which I could hardly stomache an episode) would just fuel the fire for my deep seeded hatred toward men. Are men incapable of leading and showing any ounce of integrity,  only succumbing to their urges? Are they always unfaithful? Lacking in both judgement and strength? 



Once I became a Christian, things didn’t just automatically change. In fact, it took some pretty extensive counseling to come to grips with my worldview. I loved the Lord but continued to have a cynical view of men. Just because you read Scripture doesn’t mean you’re living it.  You choose to align with it or not and by God’s perfecting grace, He does the work to change a heart of stone. 



It took quite some time to realize that God ordains a man and a woman with different roles and we can choose whether or not to use/abuse those giftings. And that role if fulfilled can radically change the world in a positive way. If left undone, much deep and devastating damage ensues. What responsibility! 



And with all this feminism, I guess what I caution women- are we trying to be equals or superiors? Because from what I see, the message that we’re being fed is – Who runs the world- Girls. Where will we end up? If God created BOTH man and woman in His image, what does the Designer say? 



For Women… And Men:


If you’ve talked to me for more than 5 minutes (at the tail end of 2017),  most likely I shared this with you….A Worthy Woman



It would’ve been a jam-packed weekend but sometime in November, my doTERRORism biz travel plans got abruptly cancelled the same weekend Jonathan was off, a rare occurrence indeed.  Instead of sleeping in, we decided to get up early and drive 3 hours to Jacksonville to go to a great church. We needed to changed things up.


Enter Church of Eleven22. 



I’ve been podcasting this church since and was absolutely floored by this episode-A Worthy Woman, which naturally challenged, convicted and inspired me.  It is, by far, the most balanced teaching  on the Proverbs 31 woman I have ever heard. 


Sometimes I hear comments from women like, “who can live up to that?!” and “oh, she drives me nuts”. Haters gonna hate. (Where’s TaySwift when you need her?)


I’ve always had mad respect for a woman like this. It’s no competition, she just quietly does her thing, dedicated to her family and benefiting the lives of those around her. Never once does her mouth open to judge other women on how they handle theirs. A girl like that don’t have time for it.  Now, I don’t think she bought a field, sold goods and makes clothes for all her people  in 24 hrs.  I assume it’s who she is, not what she accomplished in one day; She’s a hustler. 



If your a woman, I encourage you to listen to this. I’ve listened to well over 30x and could probably quote half of it to you and yet I’m still am shaped and challenged by it. If you’re in the brotherhood category, please take a listen as this could strongly direct your future as well. Remember, iron sharpens iron. So pick a good one, fellas. 


                                              ⇓⇓⇓               ⇓⇓⇓           ⇓⇓⇓     


         Click here and buckle up, Buttercup- “A Worthy Woman” -Church of Eleven22


                                             ⇑⇑⇑                 ⇑⇑⇑           ⇑⇑⇑



And if you still need another good dose of reality, Matt Chandler did a great series on the Complimentary Roles of Men and Women. I think as a culture, we’re getting more and more confused as to what those roles are, we can push equality but yet we’ve been gifted in different ways. Instead of holding it against each other, we could actually do this thing right and  benefit each other. 


So can you be a Christian and a feminist at the same time?  Hmmm, I’d just ask you to consider what well  your drinking from. Just pick your poison:  racism, feminism, you name it, it’s all out there.  You can march for anything these days. But does that drink truly satisfy? After many years of soul searching, I’d rather be filled up with Him who knows how to fix broken things. Like feminism. Like me. 


Wherever you’re at with your worldview, may you live in the grace that He gives,



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