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A Letter to the Grieving

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First of all, I wanted to acknowledge that I have been quite distant the past 3 years. It’s taken me this long to get healthy enough to write anything publicly. Why, you may ask?





Now, let’s be clear,

The Secret Place

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I’ve been listening to this song again. It came at time last year when I was struggling. There had been a death. Discouragement on all sides. Sometimes we get so caught up that we forget His character.  This was a good reminder that-

“Better is one day in your courts

Synesthesia- Bethel

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Who doesn’t need some good music to study to? Some peaceful, background music that just so happens to be cool?

Enter the album Synesthesia by Bethel. 

I had planned to take a “break” from life following the birth of my daughter (Still so weird for me to say that!) and REST.

Love Thy Neighbor

Our neighbors are Muslims…

and we love them.

No, seriously…


They moved into our neighborhood about 2 years ago when Jet was born. And Jethro was the type of baby that tortured us with sleepless nights and colick so we could hardly leave our house,