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An Answered Prayer…

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I’ve had a few friends ask me what’s up with the “silence” from my blog. I went from posting fairly frequently to nothing… 8 months of NOTHING. Well, I can assure you- it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. Something WAYYY more silly.. 


I forgot my password. 


No, I didn’t just forget my password that I had changed.  I forgot it, remembered it, then came up with a totally new one and wanted to be SO creative and SO difficult that NO ONE  would EVER be able to hack into the account.


Apparently, not even myself…  Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids. 



Tonight I’m breaking the silence. It’s been over 8 months!  The LoRd has answered my prayers. And His timing, so perfect. It’s funny how God can cut things pretty close to our own desired timing. I wanted to post throughout this pregnancy- things the Lord was showing me, things I was wrestling through but I needed to just trust Him. And this year, I had to step back from so many things I loved being a part of-  and this being another thing out of my control, I just needed to roll with it. {I was told I may need to start over by some I collaborated with, yet 100+ blogposts and a few years is hard to swallow!} With months of discouragement in between,  I asked Him if I could have the blog back by the time our 3rd baby arrived. 




As I write this at 9:45pm on December 12th, I feel like the baby could come tonight! 



So I wanted to give a quick shoutout and say ‘hello’ and I’ve missed you all. The silence has been broken. Through a series of strangely practical events, I’ve gotten access to the account tonight. I had tried hundreds of times throughout the last few months but for whatever reason, the timing is now.  And I know as miraculous and amazing God is, He is still very practical as well. I give Him the credit for something as silly as a blog. And for teaching me to trust Him in the process. 




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