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Books, Life’s Great Treasure Hunt.

Mark Twain once said that those who don’t read are no better than those who can’t. For much of my life, I believed that, “ain’t nobody got TIME for that!”  Much has changed since then and outside of personal mentors, I believe that  books can make an incredible impact.

The late Zig Ziglar said that he would spend much time reading the daily news and the Bible just  to see what both sides were up to. It is fascinating to watch how things are lining up just as it was written long ago. Side note: not sure if everyone was aware but the news is pretty depressing, I’m so glad He offers us real HOPE! I’ll take that any day!

So yes, hands down, the single most important book that has shaped the way I view myself, others and the world around me is the Bible. It’s historical, scientific,  poetic, prophetic, and the message of redemption is unchanging. I’m digging in daily to gather strength, hope and encouragement for myself and others.

Although she’s been gone for two years now, one of the greatest ways my mother-in-law still influences me is by the books she read. Arlene always devoured books and then passed it along, bookshelves never bulging. She was always up for spending money on other people around her to get wisdom from a book that influenced her. But one thing she did leave behind, was a very small bookshelf of “The Greats” that she kept for rereading; Books that made a big impact on her life about God, organization, being a excellent wife and mom, hospitality, the list goes on. She would highlight and take notes and place little tabs on certain pages of importance.  I still enjoy coming across a page with her distinct handwriting. Ah, the treasures! In some small way, she’s teaching me still and changing the way I view things.

So I’d love to know, what books have influenced you the most?

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