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I Want Juice?

In the Schro-home, we drink “juice”. Not expensive, high-fructose corn syrup kind  at the grocery store, but this simple Apple Cider Vinegar + Agave concoction. The first thing my son says every morning  without fail when he wakes up is, “I want juice?” I have no idea why he makes it into a question.

What he really means is, “Good Morning.”

So if you’re looking for a good tonic, hydrating your body, replenishing the electrolytes without adding to sugar intake (Agave has that low glycemic index which means it won’t skyrocket your bloodsugar level but raise and lower gently.) Then try this mix! It’s easy on the calorie intake and a refreshing alternative.

I also add a drop or two of Lemon or Wild Orange essential oil to increase the health benefits.  So grab a glass of cold water and mix in 1 part ACV (about a tsp) to 2 parts Agave or Honey to preference. I like my mix strong, like a lemonade so I might go for a tblspoon of ACV to double the honey and chug it all day long in a jug.



I’d love to know your thoughts on this “juice”! Send me a comment below!



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