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My doTERRA story

As a massage therapist, I’ve always known about the benefits of essential oils. In school, we mainly studied them for their aromatic benefits, yet knowing that they could harm clients if they were used incorrectly. As a nurse, I love to be able to help people. However, I do not believe the current healthcare system can sustain itself over the long haul, along with the burden of  an overmedicated population. How much can our livers handle! It’s quite terrifying where we are heading if nothing changes.

SO in 2013, one of my goals was to go completely “green”. We’re pretty aware of the general toxic load on our bodies and all the chemicals down those grocery aisles that should be avoided. . I wanted to go green- with EVERYTHING. With cleaning, laundry,  to shampoos, everything. I read lots of blogs and the doTERRA name kept popping up from other parts of the country. I was waiting for it to hit the East Coast. I kept on researching..

That day came when my friend told me about a doTERRA class called Medicine Cabinet Makeover. I immediately signed up and knew with the research I had previously done, that I was sold. I was even more impressed with the class and how there were stories of real people who have had their own success using the oils. Hair loss, asthma, gout, depression, children’s illnesses, you name it, we talked about it. I couldn’t wait to try these oils out. Now the day came when I couldn’t wait to be sick so I could see if this would beat going to a dr. My husband at the time was a bit skeptical, thinking again I had gone “way too hippie” for him. I am a tree hugger at heart. But when he got the flu in December, went to the dr, did the co-pay thing, and then told him to wait it out, he was willing to try. From being near death to within 3 days “walking and talking”, he was sold. Since that time, I’ve done a lot of learning about the purity and potency of doTERRA Essential Oils. It’s a great company. I understand that no company is perfect but I love their oils, resources and education. I have experienced so many health benefits with using these oils that I have to share them with others!

At first, I did not want to be a part of another “company”. I enjoyed my job at the Department of Health working as a school nurse. However, I struggled with giving these kids their medicine when it was not even necessary. I kept finding more things I enjoyed with using essential oils and wanted a more flexible schedule for my family.

Now, I have the flexibility of making motherhood a priority, teaching classes and empowering others to become natural healers in their home. It’s pretty awesome. I love watching “the lightbulb” go off when people understand the plant based medicine vs pharmaceutical drugs.

Currently I teach doTERRA classes- the Reinventing Healthcare/Medicine Cabinet Makeover, Green Cleaning Classes- Getting Rid of the Toxins in the Home, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby Classes, Sports Classes and more. I’d like to add others in the near future such as Cancer & Essential Oils, DIY GIfts with EOs and more. Here’s a quick intro video about doTERRA.


I’d love to be a resource for you if you are interested in learning more. Feel free to contact me at, subscribe to my monthly newsletter or check out

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