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My son, the acrobat.

It was moments before I had to leave for a Women’s Conference. There I was, painting my nails with the latest trending color on Pinterest and out of the corner of my eye, I see my kid go overboard.

He was happily playing a matching game on my husband’s iPad, when he got excited, threw his arms up and being too close to the edge of the bed, off the cliff he went.

Ouch! That had to hurt.

I ran over to pick him up, all seven-and-a-half months pregnant of me and wet nails. This was the outcome..


The aftershock of the backflip.

The aftershock of the backflip.

What wasn’t picture was a bit of seafoam green nailpolish that ended up on his neck. That was the easy part.

A drop of Lavender later and this is what my sweet boy looked like at breakfast the following day:

Joram no longer has a golfball-sized bruise on his dome piece..

Joram no longer has a golfball-sized bruise on his dome piece..

I could stare at him all day, everyday.

Lavender is $0.09 per drop. It has mild-antibiotic properties to it and an has an excellent calming effect on the body. It is great for bruising, sleep, burns, bee stings and many other ailments. Lavender essential oil is one of those swiss-army knife type things to have handy. It made for a much easier night for my boy, my husband, and off to the Conference I went!


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