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One Name

It was this past August when Jonathan was asked to teach over the weekend. To be honest, it felt like we had been beaten up spiritually since the last time he spoke in January. The January sermon was phenomenal but it was not long after that, we felt like we went through a series of attacks. 


As exhausted as we were, it didn’t feel like something he wanted to do. There’s something about stepping out for Jesus that just invites warfare. And sometimes it feels like a nap would be much nicer. With much wrestling and prayer, Jonathan felt he had to speak. Here we go.


The victory seemed to come as we made that decision to move forward. Many “thorns” were settled, lifted and removed. A new season had begun. Here is the sermon entitled “One Name”, be encouraged, challenged and ask yourself, “What will I do with the Name of Jesus?” For everything you do hinges off that question. 

One Name


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