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An Interview with Chris Brown.

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Chris Brown came in town.


No, not this Chris Brown


and I don’t mean this Chris Brown…


(although he was in town but I’m still not talking about that guy.)


Psalm 46

2016 was a tough year. On many accounts. This song by Shane and Shane, inspired by Psalm 46 was a song on repeat in our household when we discovered it sometime near November. The lyrics floor me. How often I have wrestled the Lord…

O Lord You know the hearts of men
and still you let them live.


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Shepherd by Bethel is a great song I wanted to pass along to add to the ol’ playlist. Jonathan shoved this in song in my ear as I was in the most intense part of labor with my 3rd babe. The chorus, a great reminder of His goodness.


How fast is a Gingerbread man?

I’m not quite sure what happened in the last week or so but I’ve been dropping the unicorn emoji LIKE A BOSS!!!!