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I teach Health and Wellness classes these days and absolutely love it. So let me give you a basic run down of essential oils.

Essential oils are the immune system of the plant. It is a tiny fragrant oil sack found in the roots, stems, leaves, or bark of the plant. That sack contains hundreds of different compounds to protect the plant from disease. Our bodies recognize and can assimilate these properties in our bodies and therefore can be used as medicine in many different ways.

So I will skip a lot of the science behind it and give an overview of HOW you can use essential oils.

1. Aromatically– typically seen in massage spas, etc. THe aromatic use of essential oils can be a natural mood booster, open up the body’s airways, freshen up a room (skip that Glade chemical cocktail) and also kill airborne pathogens if used in a cool mist diffuser. (Heat can destroy the therapeutic value of the EO.)

2. Topically- Anywhere there is an ailment – back pain, headache, burn, etc -where ever the ailment is, place a drop or two on that localized area and BOOM! Results. Also, putting EOs on the bottom of your feet is like your own personal IV- The feet contain the body’s biggest pores and therefore can enter the bloodstream in less than 30 seconds. Think Chinese Reflexology too!

3. Internal- This can “slap yo’ mama” when it come to being sick. You can address an illness from the inside out. EOs are antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiparasitic, antitussive, anticancer, etc. So instead of running to the doc, I can take care of the fam at home. #HIGHKICK!

NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUALLY!! Taking EOs internally (and many times topically) is NOT recommended with most “over-the-counter” EOs because of the impurities- IT IS IMPERATIVE that you use a quality medicinal oil!

So let’s get down to it with some of the basic oils:

Lavender: Great for Sleep, Calming, Anxiety, Bug Bites, Burns, Headaches, Teething,etc

Lemon Excellent detox (use this instead of those grubby lemons at restaurants), gout, (I LOVE using Lemon in my cleaning products!)

Peppermint- AMAZING pick-me-up! Stimulant, cooling (for those who rock the Florida heat year round!), fevers, cramps, muscle aches, headaches, bruises, etc

*Also Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint combined makes a natural antihistimine for those who suffer from allergies.

Melaleuca-aka Tea Tree Oil- This is the skin’s first aid oil. Use for eczema, skin infections, cuts, earaches, toe fungus, etc

Oregano nature’s antibiotic- this is a HOT oil extreme caution should be used. Warts, Fungal infections, Illnesses, UTIs, et

Frankincense- Known in the Bible to be brought to Baby Jesus- It’s the king of oils for the King of kings! When in doubt, use frankincense. Researched by John Hopkins Hospital and BBC for killing cancer cells! This can cross the blood brain barrier- so for stroke victims, alzheimers, dementia, etc. Also great for skin regeneration- wounds, wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, etc- headaches, grounding, etc.

doTERRA has blends I really enjoy:

On Guard Protective blend- used when around other sick people – I use this on my kid before he goes into any childcare. Diluted because it contains cinnamon which can be a hot oil or skin irritant if sensitive. A very powerful blend.

Deep Blue– Muscles, joints, aches, pre/post workouts, fibromyalgia, etc

DigestZen vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, Crohn’s, etc

Breathe for all things respiratory- asthma, allergies, cough, congestion, etc It contains Eucalyptus which opens up the airways very quickly.


**Also, EO’s have side-benefits,not side effects that you might experience with the prescription drugs. (I can put an oil on a burn, and then my headache can dissipate.) Pharmaceuticals were derived from plants then synthetics were added to make it marketable = side effects on the body!

So here’s the basic 10 oils. We have much more that we work with at  home but this post won’t be extensive. Imagine what a natural house can smell like with these potent and pure fragrant essential oils.

It has been such a relief to not have to shove antibiotics down my son’s throat but rather diffuse something naturally in the air to open up his pipes. Or take his 102.5 fever down with peppermint because of it’s cooling, antibiotic properties. I love it. We haven’t gone to the doctor’s office in almost a year using these oils.

I hope this helps you understand more of what’s out there and how God made natural medicine for the body! What an intelligent God we serve who has provided so much for us!

 “{He has} given us richly all things for us to enjoy.”
1 Timothy 6:17

I’d love to be a resource for you if you have any questions regarding essential oils! I’ve seen so many people benefit from natural medicine to completely transform and improve their lives.  Feel free to email me at or visit my website here.

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