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The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

downloadThis book was a recommended read at a business meeting I had attended awhile back.

It’s a really simple concept: The little habits that are done daily add up to reap huge dividends in the long haul. Makes total sense, right? People tend to be all or nothing. You make a goal, work really hard, start seeing results only to “get comfortable” and plateau then your back to where you began, frustrated. But the “slight edge” concept focuses on the small, seemingly insignificant habits (so simple they are easy NOT to do them) for long term success.

Olson addresses different areas such as Health and Fitness, Finances, Personal Relationships, etc. Here’s a visual for those of you who won’t discipline yourself to actually read this book., haha


The Slight Edge concept is not a new one. Just think of the pro-athletes or the budding musician that stayed an extra 20 minutes to practice every day to hone their craft. It’s the small disciplines that can make a person great. This is a great book for people who may struggle with consistency and would like to address long term solutions and  get out of the quick fix rut. Definitely a good read.


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